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Some Useful links:
Go to the following page to find a link to needful things like a website for spectra, and other stuff that I may think of during the semester.
Now includes some Beilstein information, and how to get Beilstein on your own dorm computer for those Organic Chemistry parties!
The Useful Information Page

The Chemical List:
Here it is: SynProjChemListt .

Chemical Requests:
In order to ease the task of the stockroom as they expeditiously collect all of the chemicals necessary to facilitate 50 separate laboratory projects, please be sure to select the form for your laboratory period. Please read the instructions and fill out the form completely.

My laboratory period is on:  


If you are unclear as to which day to choose, please see Dr. Hugdahl.

Waste Disposal:
For information on your waste disposal duties, go HERE

Poster Session:

As in your syllabus, the poster session will be May 1 from 2 - 6 pm.

For information on the poster session, go HERE

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